How To Match The Guards?

What is the sweater? I believe many people wonder why the garment that integrates leisure and fashion is called the sweater. What is the sweater exactly? Why is the sweater? Let’s give you a detailed introduction of what the sweater is and how to match it! Let’s open this mystery for you.

In some coastal cities, the sweater is thick knitted sportswear and long sleeve sports leisure fir. The material is generally thicker than the ordinary long sleeve. The cuff is tight and elastic. The material under the clothes is the same as that of the cuff. In fact, few clothing categories can give consideration to fashion and functionality, but the sweater is an exception. The combination of comfort and fashion has become the first choice of equipment for all ages. The style of the sweater is mainly fashionable and comfortable, including pullover, cardigan, collarless, slim and so on!

The sweater is one of the indispensable items for the fashionable men. It can be used in all kinds of ways. It can be worn inside and outside. As men who are keen on fashion, how can there be less Wei Yi? Simple solid color Wei Yi is easy to match and comfortable in fabric. The asymmetric design of cuff is a major feature, and there is no lack of fashion in the ordinary. If the weather is a little cold in early spring, T-shirts can be added to it, and the layering is more handsome. The strong sense of color is just like the fashionable people’s pursuit. The style is casual and comfortable. Believe that wherever you go is the focus

Post time: Jun-11-2020