San Manuel Casino Transforms Bingo Halls into Slot Machine Haven


San Manuel Casino in California is changing things up. They decided to stop doing big bingo games and instead focus on adding more slot machines. Why? Well, fewer people were playing bingo, and more people wanted to play slots, especially younger folks who are full of energy.

Phasing Out Bingo Operations at San Manuel Casino

The San Manuel casino, run by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, confirmed that they’ve gotten rid of their bingo operations. They’ve renovated their big bingo halls and filled them with lots of new slot machines and card tables. They’ve also made their popular Rock & Brew restaurant bigger. The goal? To be the best casino around.

The Decline of Bingo

The bingo halls used to be huge, taking up 50,000 square feet. But over the years, fewer people were interested in playing bingo. Slot machines and card games became more popular. So, the casino decided to change things up.

They used half of the big bingo hall space for other games. Now, they’re adding even more slot machines and other fun casino games. They’ve also added a shop to buy stuff and a new bar. And don’t forget about the Rock & Brew restaurant – it’s gotten bigger too.

Looking to the Future

But that’s not all. San Manuel Casino has even bigger plans for the future. They’re going to build a whole new area next to the casino. This new spot will have a gaming area with more fun games, like slots and card games. They’re also building a big hotel with 500 rooms so that people can stay and play. Plus, there will be a huge parking lot with space for 2,200 cars, so you won’t have trouble finding a spot.

And get this – there will be a big entertainment venue with 4,000 seats for concerts and shows. Fancy restaurants, a spa, and lots of shops will also be part of the plan. The whole thing will cover a massive 795,000 square feet of fun space. They’re planning to start building next year and finish by 2020.

So, if you’re a fan of San Manuel Casino, get ready for some exciting changes. More slot machines, more games, and even a fancy new hotel – it’s going to be a blast!

Author: Kyle Ross